Blogs from Ireland After Nama: www.irelandafternama.wordpress.com

July, 2013: The Flawed Logic of the South County Dublin ‘Housing Shortage’

May, 2013: In Celebration of Grafton Street

November, 2012: Talking About Dublin

June, 2012: Housing Need: When, Where and For Whom?

April 2012: Measuring Place

January 2012: Vacancy and the Transformation of the Built Environment

December 2011: The Ruins of the Present: Urban Development in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

October  2011: Innovation and the Built Environment [Also published as: Seeds of change in plan for abandoned Anglo HQ  on  www.Politico.ie]

June 2011: U2 and the Changing Landscapes of Dublin

May 2011: Urban Heritage, Public Buildings, and New Uses: College Green and Henrietta Street, Dublin

May 2011: Review of ‘Redrawing Dublin’

March 2011: Same Time, Different Place: IJburg, Amsterdam

February 2011: Shopfronts, Signage, and Land-Use

January 2011: A Brief Return to Grafton Street

November 2010: Our Collective Consciousness

September 2010: Architecture for All?

April 2010: Re-evaluating Public Space

February 2010: The Retail Sector, Business Improvement Districts and Increasing Rents

January 2010 (With Dr. Michael Punch, UCD): Are students the answer (for now) to the urban property crisis?

January 2010: Nama, the ‘Creative Sector’, and new land-uses

November 2009: A Quick Walk Through Sandyford, Dublin: ‘A Fresh View for a New Way of Life’

July 2012: Guest Curator for Pivot Dublin blog under the heading of ‘Design and Politics: In Search of Utopia’:

17th July: ‘The Unintended Consequences of the Best Intentions’, Philip Lawton

18th July: ‘City (Meta)Marketing and the Search for the Urban ‘Real’’, Cian O’Callaghan

23rd July: ‘Beyond the ludic city – design and social innovation in Dublin’, Denis Linehan

24th July: ‘3 ways to use your body to Hack Dublin City’, Fearghal O’Nuallain

Podcasts etc.

Scarred Landscape. Scarred Mindscape? PhotoIreland Festival: Ray Yeates, Debbie Castro, Philip Lawton, Leslie Hendy, Sarah Tuck (chair)

Podcast as part of PhotoIreland Festival, 3rd July, 2010,


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