Ireland after NAMA

BeyondPebbleIn May 2011, I posted a review of the book Redrawing Dublin by Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy (Gandon Editions, 2010). In it I critiqued some of its arguments and its wider approach to urban regeneration. In recent weeks, the authors of Redrawing Dublin have published a follow-on book – Beyond Pebbledash  (Gandon Editions, 2014). The book offers a re-working of some of the arguments contained in Redrawing Dublin and has been published to parallel an artistic installation involving the recreation of a façade of a pebbledash house in Collins Barracks (see more here). Given this publication coincides with some of the key challenges of the present time and that in the introduction to the new book the authors have also made reference to my original critique of Redrawing Dublin, below I have taken the opportunity to engage in some of the arguments it presents. This is particularly focused upon…

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2 thoughts on “Looking Behind the Pebbledash

  1. The title of the book is certainly kitchy but it doesn’t really tempt me to read on. If these pebbledashiers had big beards and skinny jeans would they be ok?

    I agree that the narrative of ‘attract the middle class’ to live in the city centre, is a bit tired at this stage. Its as if we shouldn’t recognise and appreciate the people who have moved into the inner city in their thousands – particularly the multi-national immigrant populations. This is a great success story (in many ways), and really we should be celebrating this diversity. Can you tame or control a city through social selection?

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